What to see in Lund, a small town in southern Sweden

What to see in Lund.

What to see in Lund

With its relaxed atmosphere, its large community of students and its colorful houses, Lund, in Skåne county -the southernmost region of Sweden- is a typical but small Swedish town just few kilometers away from the better-known Malmö.

It is only thanks to my friend Giulia, who lives there since almost two years now, that I was able to discover this small northern gem. Lund is adorable and certainly worthy a visit if you are on vacation in this area. Especially during summer it becomes an even more appealing holiday destination thanks to its proximity to the Baltic sea.

Here you will find my tips on some of the most beautiful things to see in town.

What not to miss:

University park, Lundagård

What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund

One of the main reasons why this small town, in southern Sweden, is particularly well known in Europe is its university. Founded in 1666, Lund University, counting more than 300,000 students, is one of the oldest, biggest and most prestigious institution in Northern Europe. Many of its oldest buildings, such as the impressive library, are located in a beautiful and elegant park of chestnut trees in the center of the city, which recalls the atmosphere of old English campuses. I have visited it in Autumn, the season in which colors explode in their whole beauty and you find yourself admiring brick buildings covered with red ivy and walking along tree-lined avenues on a carpet of yellow leaves.

The old town

What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund
What to see in Lund

A labyrinth of roads where marvelous timbered houses sit close to small adorable colored cottages: this is the old town of Lund. Easy to explore on foot or by bicycle in an afternoon, the city is animated by a vibrant community of students. Lund counts many small hidden squares, furniture shops and restaurants and cafés in which getting warm with a cup of hot chocolate in the rainy Winter afternoons.

Kulturen museum


While you explore the city center do not miss the pittoresque Kulturen museum! This is an open-air museum where you can admire more than 30 perfectly-preserved buildings, which portray the history, culture and traditions of Sweden. Inside the houses you can find the faithful and meticulous reproduction of everyday-life scenes in various regions of Sweden, from the Middle Ages onwards.


Petersborgs Gårdsbutik covered market


How much I love covered markets!! Every time I am about to visit a city I note them down on my tour guide. At the first occasion I always stop to eat something in one of the many stands inside. I find them places overflowing with life and colors, where you can taste many of the culinary specialties of that country. Lund’s covered market, the Petersborgs Gårdsbutik, despite its miniature size has nothing to envy to the bigger markets I visited in my many travels. Vietnamese restaurants and sushi bars are surrounded by fresh fish stalls, bakeries and cabinets full of cheese and meat of all kinds. Overall I think that this market is perfect for a quick lunch or to shop some gourmet souvenirs to bring home.



This chain of Swedish stores will give you a lot of wonderful ideas to completely revolutionize your apartment! Two floors where you can find almost everything ranging from simple stationery to kitchen tools, bathroom towels and candles. All this without even changing the palette of colors that is limited to white, black and gray (and their nuances). Clean lines, raw materials and the famous Scandinavian style: if you are a minimal lover do not miss the Granit.  

Udda tina

Right across the street is located The Udda, another store of household items, radically different in style to his monochromatic neighbor Granit. Plates with floral decorations, colored kimono, lanterns, stacked boxes and pillows of all shapes, fill every centimeter of this store with a style inspired by Indian, Moroccan and Senegal cultures.


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